Last reviewed and updated September 2018


Full set of conditions, plus general instructions for hirers of the hall, can be found here.

Payment: Please make full payment at time of booking, together with returnable special deposit, if applicable. (Regular bookings will be invoiced periodically).

Cancellation charge: the Management Committee reserves the right to retain the booking fee if cancellation made less than two weeks before the function.



A. Is responsible for:
1. Obtaining liquor licence;
2. The Hall and its fixtures and fittings;
3. Safety and good conduct of everyone in the building, and ensuring that the maximum number of people allowed (i.e. 200 standing, 120 sitting in the Main Hall, 100 standing, 60 sitting in either half hall, and 12 sitting in the Reading Room) is not exceeded.
4. Observing the fire regulations; for example, hirer to ensure specified means of escape are monitored and kept free of obstruction;
5. Leaving the Hall and surrounds in a clean and tidy state, putting off all lights, ensuring all doors are locked and windows are closed/locked as appropriate and taking away rubbish;
6. Cost of damage, however caused;
7. Ensuring noise (especially from discos) is kept to a reasonable level – excessive noise is a statutory offence and that the music stops at 10:00pm. (9:30pm on weekdays).
8. In the case of parties/discos for young persons: ensuring adult supervision of at least one to ten (minimum no. of adults, 3):
9. The parking of vehicles in an orderly way and not obstructing any other areas within the car park, or the main access route;
10. Ensuring that all relevant food, health and hygiene legislation and regulations are met if the preparing, serving or selling of food is to take place;

B. Must get prior consent for
1. Extensions to existing electrical fittings;
2. Decorations or advertising materials in the Hall;
3. Animals;
4. Entering the Hall before or after the time booked;
5. Attaching anything to the building, internally or externally.
C. Is not permitted to:
1. Sublet;
2. Use any other part of the Hall unless booked;
3. Contravene the law relating to gaming, betting and lotteries.
4. Use indoor fireworks or smoke machines or any other devices that may trigger the smoke alarms.

A. Reserve the right to:
1. Refuse or cancel bookings;
2. Increase charges;
3. Recover cost of damage from deposits or otherwise;
4. Enter the hall at any time;
5. Retain special deposit in event of a noise disturbance.
B. Is not liable for:
1. Theft or damage of personal property;
2. Failure of Mains Services affecting the hiring;
3. Expenses incurred by attendance at the Hall by Fire, Police or Ambulance.
4. Public liability cover for commercial hirers.